Water Rescue

Water Awareness Training - DEFRA MOD 1

Course Description

This course is for those who work near water and is designed to help minimise the potential risks of operating in such an environment by giving you knowledge of water hazards and training in water rescue techniques.  This course is compliant with the recent DEFRA guidelines.

Course content includes:

  • Water rescue standards
  • Rescuer instruction philosophy and 'absolutes'
  • Rescuer safety
  • Water and flood dynamics and hazards
  • Basic swiftwater swimming and self rescue
  • Flood theory
  • Personal and team equipment
  • On-scene safety briefing and site control
  • Pre-planning and incident management
  • Drowning, medical and personal welfare considerations
  • Mud, ice and unstable surface considerations
  • Communications





Qualification valid for:

3 years

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  • 1 Day