Water Rescue

Rescues from Vehicles in Water First Responder

Course Description

Designed for Swift-water and Flood First Responders, the Rescue from Vehicles in Water First Responder (RVWFR) course provides the opportunity to utilise an in-water vehicle to apply and develop existing techniques and knowledge.

Course content includes:

  • Vehicle hydrology
  • Vehicles in water considerations
  • Vehicle stabilisation options
  • Dynamic risk assessment/size-up
  • Size-up and scene management
  • PPE
  • Night operations
  • Communications
  • Vehicle stabilisation
  • Bank-based rescues
  • Wading access
  • Extrication options
  • Use of floating platforms
  • Use of tethers


Swift-water and Flood First Responder or alternative DEFRA module 2 compliant certification.

Qualification valid for:

2 years

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  • 1 Day