Water Rescue

Rescue 3 WRT

Course Description


The Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT) is the ideal course for Professional guides (Canyon, Kayak or Raft) and recreational paddlers.

Adapted from the Rescue 3 SRT, this course assumes some prior knowledge of whitewater hydrology and equipment, maximising the available time for training in rescue techniques.

We address your concerns regarding real life scenarios and teach you how to cope with these situations using the equipment and personnel you would expect to have at your disposal.

This qualification is recognised internationally as the standard for  professional raft guides and holds equivalent value to the WWSR in the BCU award scheme.


Course Content:-

Rescue Principles & Communication

Dynamic Risk Assessments & Scene Management

Whitewater Swimming

Techniques for Rescuing Swimmers

Working with ropes in Water

Techniques for Retrieving Pinned Equipment and Boats

River Crossings


At Rescue North East we like to use scenario based training to give you an opportunity to apply all of the skills that you learn.


Courses can be booked at the above rate (250.00 per person) with a minimum of 6 candidates.

Our next open course is

21-23 March 2014,  River Tees



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  • 3 Days